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After a client has informed you that they intend to leave the firm, or your team has decided to offboard someone, there may be multiple steps to complete or an extended amount of time before the entity can be moved to the Lost Client stage via the Actions menu. In this article, we will cover the best practice for notifying team members of the impending end of a client relationship while ensuring that the entity's information can continue to be easily referenced while the team manages their offboarding.


Each firm should determine its own best practices for managing the termination process for clients. This article will not be an exhaustive list of every scenario that may occur for your clients, and custom workflows may need to be established for specific cases. Additionally, your firm may have specific processes that differ from the steps outlined in this article. If you have any questions regarding your firm's preferences for best practices around managing lost client records, please reach out to your CSM. 

Ensuring Record Availability

When a client relationship has been targeted for termination, there will likely be a length of time when your team will need to review current members, tasks, services and accounts that will need to be managed through the entity's offboarding. While these reviews are taking place, users will still want to be able to quickly reference Client records from our various Navigation menus, like the Directory or Clients. If we've already marked an entity as a Lost Client, however, these records will be filtered out from active Client items, which some users may find burdensome.

To ensure your team continues to have quick access to the relevant records they must continue to manage during a client's transition period, we recommend delaying marking the entity records as a Lost Client via the Actions menu and, instead, use our Noticeboard feature to keep all team members in the loop on the change of status and estimated termination date.

Please note: Lost Clients can continue to be found in your organization from the My Lost Clients list view on the Clients menu.

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Noticeboard Post

Keeping team members up-to-date on changes to a Client's record can be managed by creating a new Noticeboard post from the Overview tab of the entity. To ensure that other team members are aware that a Client is in the middle of offboarding from the firm, users can enter a message that references any relevant information, like the status of the project and any helpful notes of engagement, along with choosing an Archive Date that coincides with the estimated termination date for the record. For more information about how users can build noticeboard posts, please see our Using the Noticeboard article.

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Please note: We recommend using an Alert Level of Critical to ensure that both the notification and the alert banner trigger when users interact with this entity. 

Doing so will allow all users to have the necessary information needed to continue to service the entity's members while being aware that an offboarding workflow is in progress.

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Termination Reminder Task

As your firm decides on the termination timing of the current client, we will recommend kicking off an offboarding task or process, if your team has one, to ensure that at the date decided, someone at your firm is assigned to update the entity's Client Stage to Lost Client

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Mark As Lost Client

Once the termination date is reached, the assigned Team Member will need to navigate back to the entity record and select the Mark as Lost Client button from the Client Actions menu.

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The user will then need to select the reason for termination, mode of notification and actual termination date before selecting Finish.

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