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What is an employer?

In Practifi, by default, an employer is either a participating employer or a contributing employer of your fund. We recognise and understand the important role employers play in a superannuation and member relationship. They are normally the key contacts, the decision makers, and also the gatekeepers to member engagement. Employers are represented by the  icon.

Employer people

An employer will usually have people that are recorded within it. Typically, you would record the key contacts at an employer organisation such as payroll managers, advocates, decision makers for CRM, sales and account management purposes. Employer people may also be members of a particular sub-fund that are related to this employer (but that isn't why you'd record an employer person).

What makes employers different in Practifi?

By providing a rich feature and data set to capture all key employer information, activity and sentiment at a variety of levels, Practifi provides a great platform for managing prospective employers and lead generation, through to conversion and ongoing servicing. 

You can manage your key employer relationships, track staff numbers and fund membership, plan and track workplace seminars, store key contacts and track revenue from employers against activity, all from within Practifi.

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