Managing a Task - SPA


Tasks can be edited in a number of areas:

  • Within a member record
  • As part of a process
  • For a team member 

To edit a task in a member or employer record:

  1. Navigate to the member or employer via the search box or from your member list. 
  2. Click the task icon  in the sub nav vertical menu. 
  3. Select the Open Tasks tab. 
  4. Click the  icon
  5. Complete your edits. 
  6. Click Save

To edit a task within a process:

  1. Navigate to the member (or employer) or service.
  2. Click the Processes icon   in the sub nav vertical menu.
  3. Select the Processes sub tab.
  4. Select the edit icon  next to a process.
  5. Click the  icon for the task.
  6. Complete your edits.
  7. Click Save.

To edit a task for a team member:

  1. Navigate to a team member in the top nav search bar (team members are denoted by  ).
  2. Click the team member to be taken to their team member view.
  3. Select the Tasks tab .
  4. Select the Open Tasks filter.
  5. Click the  icon.
  6. Complete your edits.
  7. Click Save.
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