Starting a Process - SPA


Processes can be started in two ways: via the Launcher   in Member (or Employer) View  (for processes unrelated to a particular service, such as “Call member tomorrow”) and via the Services tab  (for service-related processes).

  1. To start a process from the Launcher, click the  in the top top nav bar and select Start a Process . Alternatively, you can start a process from the View/Edit Service tab - First, select a service and then select Save & Start Process. Starting a process will take you to the Create a Process wizard.
  2. Complete the details in step 1 of 2 (required fields will appear in red). 
  3. When complete, select Next.
  4. The wizard will then automatically create a task for based on the standardised process configuration for the selected process.
  5. In Step 2 of 2, you can adjust the tasks, add new tasks or delete unnecessary tasks. 
  6. When finished editing the tasks, select Save & Finish.

Your process will appear in the member’s process list. 

Note: If you created your process from a service, the two will become linked by the Service field. Your new process will still be displayed in the Processes list for the client, but it will also show up in the service where you created the process. For more information on services, check out our Creating a Service article.

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