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The Practifi Success Portal is the space to gain more knowledge about Practifi, access support assistance or suggest improvements and extensions to the product. This article covers the separate sections of the Practifi Success Portal and its functionality.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base within the Practifi Success Portal is where users and administrators alike can learn about the key functionality of our product. Our articles are separated into two sections on our website, User Guide and Admin Guide. To access these sections to view all articles, select the corresponding tile on our Practifi Success Portal homepage.


Articles within the User Guide section of our Knowledge Base are designed for the standard user of Practifi and provide an understanding of concepts and instructions on using the functionality within the product. Our Admin Guide contains articles intended for a System Administrator within your organization, and they are generally more technical in nature. 

Understanding Article Types

Our articles are segmented into three types: enabling or creating, understanding and using. The type of article is generally designated within the article title. The meanings behind these titles are as follows: 

  • Enabling or creating - Typically system administrator-focused articles that outline the setup of specific functionality within Practifi. These articles may cover the steps needed to access the functionality, for instance, enabling an integration, or may cover creating the functionality from scratch, such as Creating Processes.
  • Understanding - These articles define and outline concepts within your organization to give a high-level understanding.
  • Using - These articles cover the day-to-day use of the functionality and outline how to access the functionality within your organization. 

What if the Article Did Not Answer My Question or Concern?

If our article within the Knowledge Base did not answer your question or concern, please reach out to our team through Practifi Support. Our Support team is available to help you resolve issues within your Practifi instance and provide answers to your questions through our ticketing system. 

Practifi Support

The Practifi Support section of the Practifi Success Portal allows your administrator users to submit new requests/tickets. Our Support team will then review the ticket and respond to assist you with your questions or concerns.

Accessing Practifi Support

On the Practifi Success Portal, all tickets/requests submitted to Practifi Support and ideas submitted to the Ideas Community can be viewed by selecting the My Requests and Ideas tile on the homepage.


To submit a ticket to our Practifi Support team, select the Submit a Request button located in the page header.


For more information on the best practices around what to include on a ticket to Practifi Support, please consult our How Can I Get My Requests Resolved Faster? article.

Ideas Community

Occasionally while using our product, you may want to suggest improvements or extensions of the product that would be handy for your firm, and you think would add value to other users of Practifi. Our Ideas Community is where these ideas are submitted and then reviewed by our team for potential addition to the product. In addition, ideas submitted by others can be viewed within the Ideas Community and upvoted if you agree with the suggestion. This helps our team gauge the interest of our users in specific ideas. 

How to Submit Ideas

Submitting ideas to the Ideas Community is done by first accessing the Practifi Success Portal and then selecting the Ideas Community tile.


Select the New Post button to enter the new Ideas Community post page. This will generate a form that looks like this: 



On this form, please enter the following information:

  1. A short title that is descriptive of your idea or expansion of the Practifi product. 
  2. In the Details field, provide as much information as possible about your idea. This will help our team understand your idea and make sure we're hitting the mark when adding it to our product.
    •  Please note: Any information entered into the Ideas Community will be visible to all our website users. For this reason, please do not input any client-specific information or attach any screenshots specific to your Practifi instance. 
  3. Select from the Topic drop-down menu the applicable topic that your idea pertains to. The options are as follows:
    •  Integrations - Your suggestion is about a product you would like to see Practifi integrate with or an idea about a change to a current integration. 
    • Product Enhancements - Your idea is applicable to the Practifi product and does not involve an integration.
  4. Once all information is entered, select Submit to add this post to our Ideas Community. Other users will now be able to view your post and upvote if they agree with this idea. Our team will review your entry and, if applicable, work to incorporate the idea into our product. 
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