Understanding and Using the Welcome App



Transitioning to a new system is always challenging, particularly one as powerful as Practifi. That's why we've created the Welcome app, a series of pages that introduce the core concepts of Practifi, accessed using big, clickable tiles and a persistent side menu. These pages focus on product fundamentals such as basic navigation and using the Home page, allowing users to get up and running quickly. Each of these areas is described in summary detail, with links to the Practifi Success knowledge base allowing the user to explore further if they so choose.

This app is the very first thing new users see when they first log in to Practifi, and it remains available to them from the App Launcher as a handy reference guide in the future.


Users can select the tabs located along the left-hand side to navigate through the following topics on their respective pages:

  • Basic Navigation
  • Using Pages
  • Home Page
  • Understanding the Home Page
  • Logging Calls, Events and Tasks

At the bottom of each page, a Next button will display for users to progress through the topics. Links to articles within our knowledge base are also available for selection and further reading. 


🛠 Implementation Details

  • The two profiles included with the product, Practifi User - Salesforce and Practifi User - Salesforce Platform, have been modified to set their default app to Welcome, where it was previously Team Member.
  • Existing Practifi organizations will need to modify their profiles if they want new users to start from the Welcome app.


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