Enabling the OmniLife Integration - SPA


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

The OmniLife integration allows you to easily generate insurance quotes for a client from Practifi.

  1. Go to Practifi Settings.
  2. Click Menu Items in the side nav.
  3. Select the Launcher subtab.
  4. Change the filter from Active to Active/Inactive.
  5. Search for OmniLife.
  6. Click the edit icon  and tick the checkbox under the Active column. 
  7. Click Save and refresh the browser.
  8. To test that it's enabled, navigate to a client, go to the Launcher menu and select Create an OmniLife Quote.

Note: Upon first enabling, you'll automatically receive a two week trial. Please contact Omnium to allocate licenses and pay for users after this period. 

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