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Integration summary

Our integration with Egnyte allows you to seamlessly manage client files and folders from within Practifi. Folders are automatically created for each client record, meaning you can upload, edit and delete files without leaving the application.

Enabling the integration

1. Install the Salesforce application
  • Click here to view the Egnyte for Salesforce application.
  • Click Get It Now and then enter your Practifi credentials if prompted.
  • Choose Install in Production and then click confirm and install.
  • Select Install for All Users, then click Install. The installation process can take some time.
2. Assign user permissions
  • From Practifi, click your avatar in the top-right corner to view the Settings menu and select Salesforce Setup.
  • In the Quick Find/Search bar, search for and click on Permission Sets.

  • Select the Egnyte User permission set.
  • Click Manage Assignments.
  • Click Add Assignments.
  • Select the users you wish to have access to Egnyte, then click Assign.
3. Connect to Egnyte
  •  From Salesforce Setup, select Egnyte from the app launcher in the top-right corner.
  • Select the Egnyte Domain Configuration tab.
  • Copy the URL in your browser tab, then click Remote Site Setting.

  • Complete the form as per the screenshot below, then click Save & New. The Remote Site URL is the URL you copied in the previous step, with everything after ".com" removed.
  • Complete the form as per the screenshot below, then click Save. The Remote Site URL is your Egnyte URL.
  • Return to the Egnyte Domain Configuration tab and click Edit.
  • Enter your Egnyte domain into the Egnyte Domain field, then click Save. Your domain is the word that appears before ".egnyte" in your Egnyte URL.
  • You will then be taken to an Egnyte login page. Enter your credentials to sign into Egnyte. Please note that the user credentials provided must be for an Egnyte administrator, and for an account that does not have two-factor authentication enabled.
    • This redirection process often returns an error message when using Google Chrome, so if you encounter any issues try a different browser.
  • You will be brought back to Salesforce once this process is completed. Click Continue to complete the step.
4. Enable menu item
  •  From Practifi, go to the User menu in the top-right corner and select Settings.
  • Select the Menu Items page.
  • To enable the Egnyte page on the Client record:
    • Select the Sidebar subtab
    • Select Client from the Context drop-down menu
    • Select Inactive from the Status drop-down menu
    • Click the Edit icon next to the menu item with the 'SBCLIDOCEGNYTE' code
    • Tick the Active checkbox, then Save the menu item.
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