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**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

Practifi's integration with GetFeedback allows you to push survey responses from GetFeedback into Practifi. Responses are captured as interactions related to people, organisations or any other data record in Practifi.

Sign up for a GetFeedback account:

In order to use this integration, you'll need to be an existing GetFeedback customer. Sign up at You'll need the GetFeedback for Salesforce edition.

Get the ID for survey responses from Practifi Settings:

  1. In Practifi, go to your user menu and select Settings.
  2. Under Categories, filter for Interaction Method.
  3. Search for the method called Survey Response.
    1. If it exists, click the  icon to edit.
    2. If it doesn't exist, add it. Set Category Name to "Survey Response", set Code to "INSURVRESP" (any unique string will do) and set Order to the numeric position you'd like this method to appear in the picklist of available methods. Once created, click the  icon to edit.
  4. Copy the value of the id1 parameter in the URL, which will be a string of characters that looks something like "a0L9000001HuerDECG". This is your Category Id for survey responses and you'll need it later, so paste it somewhere where you can easily retrieve it.

Map GetFeedback fields to Practifi fields:

This will determine the attributes of the interaction created in Practifi for each survey response.

  1. In GetFeedback, create a survey or select an existing one.
  2. From within the survey, select the Salesforce menu from the top navigation bar, then select Mappings.
  3. Create a new mapping. Under "Select an action...", choose "Create a new" and under "Select a Salesforce object...", choose "Interaction".
  4. In the list of automatic mappings for Interaction, untick the "Enabled?" checkbox for every field except Subject, Organisation and Person.
  5. In the section Add a Mapping for Interaction, do the following:
    1. under "Select a mapping source...", choose "Map a response attribute". Under "Select a response attribute...", select "Completion Time" and under "Select a Salesforce field..." choose "When".
    2. under "Select a mapping source...", choose "Map a fixed value". Under "Select a Salesforce field..." choose Method and in the Fixed Value box, paste in your survey response Category Id from Practifi.
    3. Click Save.
  6. You can map other response attributes, such as a link to the response, and map answers to specific survey questions into the interaction. You may need to create custom fields on the Interaction object to capture everything you want.

Distribute your survey:

You'll typically distribute your survey by email, either one by one to customers, or en masse using an email marketing tool such as Campaign Monitor.

The survey link in your email should include merge fields for the ContactId and AccountId of the recipient from Practifi. A typical survey link might look like

Learn more about merge fields in GetFeedback here.

Do a test run:

To test that the configuration is working correctly, send a survey to a test person record in Practifi that has your own email address, making sure that the ContactId and AccountId are set correctly in the survey link. Complete the survey, return to the person record in Practifi and select the Interactions tab  . You should see an interaction for your survey response with the fields populated as per your mapping.


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