Configuring the Black Diamond Integration - SPA


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

Practifi will set up the Black Diamond integration for you.  Please contact your Practifi Account Manager to arrange.

Practifi’s direct integration with Black Diamond allows you to gain visibility over client portfolios from accounts through to individual holdings without the need to manually aggregate and reconcile from multiple sources. Black Diamond’s aggregated portfolio data is synchronised with Practifi on an overnight basis. Investment portfolios, asset classes and holding balances are all accessible from the client record in Practifi.

You must have a Black Diamond subscription to use this integration.

Please make sure you have the following credentials from Black Diamond:

  • Black Diamond username – The username for a valid Black Diamond user. This identifies the client firm they are part of and what data they have access to. In the Sandbox, you may use the credentials you were given to access the site.
  • Black Diamond password - The credentials for the user. This should be discarded after initial use as the Refresh token detailed below can be used in its stead.

Please contact your Practifi Account Manager with the above information.

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