Gmail Integration Setup


**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

Gmail Integration enables you to work with Practifi directly within Gmail. You can search records, synchronise email and calendar events, and access the feed.

To enable the integration, first it must be enabled in your Salesforce org, and then each user must install the Salesforce Chrome extension to use the integration.

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup and select 'Gmail Integration' from the navigation sidebar
  2. Enable 'Let users access Salesforce records from Gmail'

To install and enable the Chrome extension:

Please note that each user wanting to use the integration needs to perform these steps, and that this integration only supports the Chrome browser.

  1. Go to the 'Salesforce' Chrome app listing here
  2. In the Chrome webstore click 'Add to Chrome'
  3. Navigate to Gmail
  4. Login to Gmail

And that’s it! You’ll notice a Salesforce pane on the right-hand side of the screen.

To use the Salesforce integration in Gmail (in no particular order):

  • Before you can do anything, you need to log into Salesforce. Click the login button in the Salesforce pane and supply your credentials.
  • You’ll notice the Salesforce pane will change as your browse through your email, for example by attempting to find records with matching email addresses.
  • You can search records in Salesforce by typing in the search box.
  • Alternatively, you can create new records in Salesforce by clicking the plus icon.
  • Once you create or locate an appropriate record, you can associate it with an email message by pressing the “Relate” button, next to the record.

For more detail see the Salesforce Help documentation:


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