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Records are what you'll be taking action on and capturing information about when using Practifi. They come in various shapes and sizes, from clients to tasks to individual shareholdings. This article outlines record pages and how to navigate them.

Understanding Tabs

Records will open in tabs within Practifi, meaning a user can open multiple records at one time. Records open in two ways, as a parent tab or a subtab. Parent tabs are the names you see in the top tab in blue and display a full side panel with options to select record page views.
A subtab exists only as a subsection of a parent tab and will display nested within the parent tab record. An example of an open subtab:

This example is a task record related to the Feldman family, a subtab of the Feldman family record. The section on the right-hand side occupying the majority of the screen is the task record. 

On the left is a blue section called the record side panel. This appears because this task is related to the household and is nested within their overall client record. In the example above, the "Related To" section of fields that the task is related to the "Feldman, Dirk & Anya" household. This designates it as a related record, and the system then opens it as a subtab within your Practifi instance.

The Side Panel

The side panel is present in many locations in Practifi. Households, organizations, individuals, team members, and divisions of your firm will have a side panel displayed when viewing their record pages. Most other records like tasks, events and assets will appear as subtabs meaning they come with a modified side panel from the main record in tow. 

The side panel seen on households, organizations and individuals is the most complex. This is the side panel displayed on the Feldman, Dirk & Anya household, a household that is also a client:


  1. The record icon displayed within the record side panel distinguishes what type of record you are viewing. In this example, you are viewing a Client record, and this icon will display. Different icons will display for households, organizations and divisions. Instead, team members have an avatar that displays that they can upload a photo of themselves within the system.

    • Please note: Household and organization will display the same record icon in the record side panel. 

  2. This section displays the record name of the household, organization or individual. When viewing a subtab, this will display the related record's name.

  3. In the case of households, organizations and individuals, you'll see the record's definitions appear below the name. Important classifiers such as a client's influencer segment will also display in this section.

  4. The Actions menu provides a set of actions you can perform to redefine the record and the firm's relationship to it. 

  5. The navigation panel breaks the record page down into multiple sections. Selecting an item scrolls the section to the right of the side panel up or down to reach the desired point. 

  6. The button bar contains actions you can perform on a record, such as Edit and Delete. This area will also display buttons added by AppExchange products your firm installs, such as the Send to Tamarac button.

  7. The side panel accordion on the record side panel contains several additional useful pieces of information about the record:

    • Topics - Assign unstructured free-form classifiers to your records, such as "Malbec fan" or "Golfer." Topics assigned to records appear in the Topics column in record tables, making it easy to search or filter them when looking at pages like Directory or Clients.

    • Servicing Team ( - Add or remove team members to client or prospect records, and assign them a role, such as "Financial Advisor." Records appear in places like "My Active Clients" or "My Open Processes" record tables once the user is assigned to the Servicing Team for that client or prospect, so this information must stay up to date and current based on your firm's contact with the client or prospect. For more information about using servicing teams, please consult our Using Servicing Teams article.

      • Please note: The Servicing Team section will only be available on your organization's client and prospect records.
    • Notes & Files - Write notes with rich text formatting and upload files related to the record. These are public by default but can be made private if needed. You can learn more about notes here and files here.

    • Contact Details- Easily access important phone numbers and email addresses for the key contacts within the household or organization, or if it's an individual, for the person themselves within this section.

Practifi Record Pages

The side panel is only one piece of a larger whole, so let's take a look at a parent tab now:


This is the parent tab for the Dirk and Anya Feldman Household record, a client with the firm. The side panel has the Overview section selected from the navigation panel, so the main region on the right is displaying that section. The Overview section contains a few sets of information tucked away in page tabs:

  • Key Records - Displays on Client records only and shows the key Contact records attached to the Household, any open tasks, and shows active services attached to the household, organization or individual.
  • Basics - This section will display fields for editing the record's information and additional information about the record.
  • Specifics - In this section, your firm may have added custom fields for use within the Additional Information section. 
  • History - This section displays changes made to important fields like Client Stage and AUM to give a compliance overview of changes made to the record.


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