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PractifiU is our self-paced learning experience for your firm's users to learn about the day-to-day workflows available within Practifi. Since PractifiU is distinct from Practifi, a separate set of reports is available to track user engagement and learning within the platform. Managers in PractifiU can run these reports on the groups they manage.

To learn more about reporting within Practifi, please consult our Understanding Reports & Dashboards and Creating Reports articles. 

Accessing Reports

To access reports within PractifiU, do the following:

  1. Log into PractifiU using your credentials. You will need to be designated as a Manager to access reports. If you are not designated as a Manager and need this access, contact your firm's CSM or our Practifi Support team. 
  2. From the primary navigation menu on the left-hand side of the PractifiU screen, select Reports to open the list of PractifiU reports available in your firm.


Default Report Types

PractifiU has default reports you can run automatically to gain insights on your firm's learning progress. The report types available are the following:

  • Course Status - Reports on how many learners have reached which status levels for a course.
  • Course Modules - Shows the status of each module, along with started and completed timestamps.
  • Course History - Reports on the records of enrollments for a specific learner.
  • Learning Paths - Displays the status of learners on a learning path.
  • Certifications and Credits - A record of recognitions given for a course, learning path or user.
  • Exams - Review of exam answers, provided in charts or transcripts.
  • Survey - Review of survey answers, provided in charts or transcripts.
  • SCORM Exams/Interactions - This reports on module-specific interaction data for SCORM modules that report interaction data.
  • Tin Can Exams/Interactions - This reports on module-specific interaction data for Tin Can modules that report interaction data. 
  • Gamification - Reports on achievements of levels by individuals and your group. 


Running a Report

To run a report in PractifiU, navigate to the Reports page and then do the following:

  1. Select the Report Type tile on the Reports page for the report you would like to run — for example, Course History. 
  2. Adjust any filters as needed and then select one of the following options:
    • Run Report - This button will run the report within PractifiU for you to view. Depending on the selected report type, this option may not be available. Some reports within PractifiU will only support exporting. 
    • Reset Filters - This option will revert any changes you made to the filter to restore them to default values. 
    • Export to Excel - Select this option to view this information in an Excel file.
    • Export to PDF - Select this option to view this data in PDF formatting.
  3. If Run Report is available and selected, the report's results will display on a report details page. 

Scheduling a Report

Certain reports within PractifiU can be scheduled to run automatically. This function is not available for all report types, and the functionality is only available to Managers within PractifiU. To schedule a report in PractifiU, do the following:

  1. Access the Reports page and select the report type for the report you would like to run. 
  2. Make any adjustments to filters as needed and select Run Report
  3. Once the report is initially run, a Schedule button will now display in the button bar at the bottom right-hand corner of the PractifiU page. Select this button.


  4. Enter a report title and set a frequency for how often the report should run.
  5. Select Create in the lower right-hand corner to finalize the report subscription's creation.


  6. Report subscriptions can be managed under the My Schedules subtab on the Reports page. Once the subscription is initially created, you will have the option to add additional emails to receive them and adjust subscription settings. Select the Edit Filters button in the bottom right-hand corner to make any adjustments to the report's filters. If any changes are made to the report subscription or filters, select Save to finalize the changes. 

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