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Practifi powers your firm to unlock new insights, manage your pipeline, automate operations, monitor compliance and build deep client relationships effortlessly. PractifiU is here to help users learn how to get the most out of their Practifi experience. 

What is PractifiU?

PractifiU is a self-paced, on-demand training experience that covers the fundamental workflows and day-to-day features users experience when accessing the Practifi platform. Each of your firm's users learns differently, and PractifiU courses are built with this in mind. Learners will encounter various methods, from process workflows to videos and flashcards. Concepts learned are reinforced through knowledge checks to test learners' retained information from the courses. 

Accessing PractifiU

You will be introduced to PractifiU by your firm's CSM after your Practifi onboarding experience. During the introduction process, your CSM will ask you if any users within your firm should be designated as Managers within Practifi. Managers have the functionality to create users within your group and manage your firm's user access. We recommend having a select few users be Managers within PractifiU. 

Your CSM will request a list of users who should have access to PractifiU. Once the users' first names, last names and emails are provided, they will be granted access to your firm's group within PractifiU. Different groups within PractifiU cannot see each other's progress, so your firm will not see other users or their course progress while completing training. 

New User Email

Once set up in PractifiU, new users will receive a welcome email to the email that was registered during the sign-up process. To ensure your users receive their welcome email, please provide your CSM with valid email addresses as part of the PractifiU access process. 

This email will explain PractifiU to users and what they will encounter upon login. It also includes a link for users to select for their first login. They will need to select the link provided to set their password. After their initial log-in, users can access PractifiU at our standard PractifiU URL. Each user's welcome link is specific to their profile and should not be forwarded to others. 

If a user is having difficulty receiving their email, please check your spam folder to ensure the email was not filtered by your firm's software. If the email is not in the spam folder, please contact your firm's CSM for assistance.

Helpful Links

To help prepare yourself for access to PractifiU, we recommend bookmarking our PractifiU URL for easy login access: 

For additional information about PractifiU, please consult our PractifiU section within our knowledge base. 

If you'd like a sneak peek at PractifiU before your firm has access and learn more about what your learners will be experiencing, please consult our PractifiU Orientation course. 

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