Assigning Courses to PractifiU Users



PractifiU is a self-paced, on-demand training experience that covers the fundamental workflows and day-to-day features users experience when accessing the Practifi platform. As a Manager within PractifiU, you have the ability to assign courses to learners within your firm for them to complete. This article covers how to assign a course to your firm's PractifiU users. 

Assigning Courses

PractifiU users have the Course Catalog available to select courses they are interested in completing. If you have a specific course you would like your team to complete, you have the ability to assign it to their user profile due to your Manager permission access. To assign a course to a user, do the following:

  1. Log into PractifiU using your credentials. You will need to be designated as a Manager to assign courses to users. If you are not designated as a Manager and need this access, reach out to your firm's CSM or our Practifi Support team. 
  2. From the primary navigation menu located on the left-hand side of the PractifiU screen, select Enrollments.
  3. On the Enrollments page, select the course name for the course you would like to enroll the user in or select the Switch to Learning Paths to switch the display to learning paths. Ideally, learning paths should be used for the Practifi 100 level and Practifi 200 level courses, as the courses are designed to build on each other while progressing through the path. Within PractifiU, the following learning paths are recommended for users:
    • Undergraduate - This learning path covers the basics of Practifi and is intended for all Practifi users. 
    • Graduate - This learning path builds on the information taught in Undergraduate to dive deeper into workflows and functionality. This is intended for Practifi System Administrators and should be completed after the Undergraduate level. 
  4. Select the user's name for the user you would like to assign the course or learning path to on the Select Users list. Optionally, select the Switch to Groups hyperlink to view your firm's entire group and assign the course to all users within it. 
  5. Once the course/learning path and user/group are selected, click Enroll to finalize the assignment process. Optionally, enable the Re-enroll completed users? toggle before selecting Enroll to re-enroll a user that has already completed the course. This setting is turned off by default. 



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