Disabling Calendar Sync Tools



Einstein Activity Capture and other third-party calendar sync tools must be turned off before turning on the event sync for Microsoft Calendar Sync. This article outlines how to disable Einstein Activity Capture in your organization and considerations around other third-party calendar sync tools. If you have any questions, please contact your CSM or our Practifi Support Team.  

Disabling Calendar Sync Tools

If your firm is in the process of enabling the Microsoft Calendar Sync integration, all other calendar sync tools, such as Riva, Cirrus Insight and Match My Email, must be disabled before enabling the integration. If the third-party calendar sync tool is not disabled before enabling the integration, it will trigger event notification emails to be sent to clients. 

We recommend consulting their knowledge base content for instructions on disabling the third-party calendar sync tool.

Disabling Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture, a Salesforce event record sync functionality, is not recommended for use within your Practifi organization. Your organization's Einstein Activity Capture is disabled by default. If your firm has enabled this functionality, it must be disabled before enabling the Microsoft Calendar Sync. If this functionality is not disabled, it will trigger event notification emails to be sent to clients. To disable Einstein Activity Capture, do the following:

  1. Select the Settings iconScreen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_3.55.10_PM.pngin the upper right-hand corner of Practifi.
  2. Select Setup from the drop-down menu.


  3. Use the Quick Find search bar on the left-hand side to search for "Einstein Activity Capture." 
  4. Under the Einstein Activity Capture section in the search results, select Settings.


  5. Toggle off the Einstein Activity Capture settings.
  6. Press Save to finalize this change.

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