Disabling Einstein Search



Einstein Search, a Salesforce search functionality, was automatically enabled as part of the Winter '22 Salesforce release. This functionality may impact how search results are viewed within your Practifi instance. It may be recommended for some firms to have a System Administrator disable Einstein Search in their organization. If you have any questions, please reach out to your CSM or our Practifi Support Team. 

Disabling Einstein Search

  1. Select the Settings iconScreen_Shot_2021-10-12_at_3.55.10_PM.pngin the upper right-hand corner of Practifi.
  2. Select Setup from the drop-down menu.
  3. Use the Quick Find search bar on the left-hand side to search for "Einstein Search." 
  4. Under the Einstein Search section in the search results, select Settings.
  5. Deselect the Actionable Instant Results checkbox. 
    • Please note: Deselecting the Actionable Instant Results checkbox will automatically deselect the Natural Language Search checkbox. This change is expected and desired. The Natural Language Search checkbox should remain deselected.
  6. Press Save to finalize this change. A success message will display confirming that the search settings are changed. This will disable Einstein Search across your entire Practifi organization.

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