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Enhanced domains are the current version of My Domain that meets the latest browser requirements. This feature changes domain suffixes (the part after the My Domain name) to comply with the latest security standards. Because enhanced domains meet the latest browser requirements, they're deployed by default in new Salesforce organizations and will be required in all organizations as of the Winter '24 Salesforce release.

This article explains the benefits of enhanced domains and highlights the possible effects on your organization if you do not deploy the feature before the deadline and Salesforce does it for you.

Please note: If your Salesforce organization was created after Summer 2022, you already have enhanced domains enabled.

About Enhanced Domains

Enhanced domains offer the following benefits:

  • Branding - All URLs across your organization contain your company-specific My Domain name, including URLs for your Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce sites, Visualforce pages and content files.
  • Stability - With no instance names, your organization's URLs remain stabilized when your organization is moved to another Salesforce instance.
  • Compliance - Enhanced domains comply with the latest browser requirements. Specifically, they avoid third-party cookies, otherwise known as cross-site resources.

Potential Impacts of Enhanced Domains

Practifi works hard to ensure no adverse impacts on our clients when a new security feature is released. The Practifi team has tested several Salesforce environments and has determined that installing enhanced domains will have minimal impact on most firms. For clients with more complex technology dependencies, we recommend testing those in a sandbox environment before enabling enhanced domains in production.

As an added assurance, you can enable and disable the feature as long as you do so before the mandated enablement in Winter '24. If enhanced domains aren't deployed in your Salesforce organization before Salesforce deploys the feature for you, here are some potential issues that may arise:

  • Users can experience errors when attempting to access Salesforce, including but not limited to Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites and Visualforce pages.

  • Some embedded content stored in Salesforce no longer appears. 

  • Third-party applications can lose access to your data.

  • Single sign-on integrations with sandboxes can fail.

  • Single sign-on integrations with organizations using the *.cloudforce.com and *.database.com domain suffixes can fail.

Please note: To avoid these issues, we recommend that you test and deploy enhanced domains in a sandbox and deploy enhanced domains in production before Salesforce deploys the feature for you.

Additional Resources

To learn more about enhanced domains, please consult the following Salesforce documentation:

Salesforce Help article - Enable Enhanced Domains

Trailblazer Community group - My Domain and Enhanced Domains

Salesforce YouTube video - Enhanced Domains


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