Deleting Integration Logs

Please note: This content is intended for Practifi System Administrators and is technical in nature. The steps described in this article may not be able to be completed without System Administrator permissions.


Integration Logs are automatically generated when integrations run in a Practifi organization. Over time, these Integration Log records can accumulate and take up a high percentage of your organization's data storage. You may want to delete older Integration Log records to free up data space in your firm's organization. This article guides you through deleting Integration Log records in your organization.  

Before You Begin

Your user profile must have permission to delete Integration Log records. Typically, a Practifi System Administrator already has these permissions on their user profile. If you are not a system administrator, please contact your firm's system administrator to perform these steps. 

To perform the steps outlined in this article, you must install the Salesforce Inspector Reloaded browser extension in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. This extension is a helpful tool for organization data maintenance and will be used to delete the Integration Log records in these steps.

We recommend deleting Integration Log records with a CreatedDate older than 30 days. Before deleting these records, you should perform a data backup. 

Retrieve Integration Log IDs

Before deleting the Integration Log records, you must retrieve the Integration Log IDs to identify which records should be deleted. To retrieve the Integration Log IDs:

  1. In your Practifi organization, look for the Salesforce Inspector icon. This is a small blue box with an arrow on the right side of the screen. Click the Salesforce Inspector icon to expand the Salesforce Inspector panel. 

  2. Click the Data Export button in the Salesforce Inspector panel. 


  3. This will open a query window where you can enter SOQL queries to retrieve data from your firm's organization. Use the following query to retrieve a list of all Integration Log records: SELECT Id, CreatedDate FROM practifi__Integration_Log__c


  4. You may only want to query Integration Log records created after a certain date. To narrow your query, you can use a WHERE condition on the CreatedDate field, like this: SELECT Id, CreatedDate FROM practifi__Integration_Log__c WHERE CreatedDate < LAST_90_DAYS 
    • Please note: This article does not cover all possible SOQL queries. For additional information about SOQL queries, please consult this Salesforce Help article
  5. Once you've narrowed down your query to the Integration Logs you would like to delete, click the Copy (Excel Format) button. This copies all data from the query output to your clipboard.
  6. Next, open the Salesforce Inspector panel and click Data Import


Delete Integration Log Records

Now that the data from your query is in your clipboard and the Data Import screen is open, you're ready to perform the deletion of these records. To delete the Integration Log records:

  1. Set the Action to Delete and the Object to practifi__Integration_Log__c
  2. Click into the Data box and paste the data from your clipboard. If you've done this correctly, you will see a preview of the pasted data. 
  3. Click the Skip button on the Field Mapping panel for all fields except the Id field. Delete operations require only the ID of the records. 


  4. Lastly, click the Run Delete button. This will begin the deletion operation, which should only take a few moments. When the deletion is completed successfully, you will receive a success message on each row. 
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