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**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

Config settings are the fundamental settings that determine how your Practifi instance is configured. For example, integrations are enabled here, whole sets of features can be enabled or disabled and behaviour can be overridden to facilitate customisation of small sections or entire parts of the application.

Config settings are hierarchical in that there is always an org wide setting, however you can configure overrides that apply at the profile and individual user level providing huge configurability.  

To view and edit the config settings:

  1. Navigate to Practifi Settings (in the settings menu accessed from the logged in user  ). 
  2. Click the Config Settings tab (represented by  ).
  3. Note that there are two sub tabs: Org Wide and Profile & User (you can manage the Config Settings for the entire org and also for specific user profiles).
  4. Click the pencil  icon to edit. 
  5. Navigate through the various sections and fields to make any changes.
  6. Click Save.  
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