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**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature**

Process Types are powerfully simple, standardised processes that can be configured in Practifi to suit your business. They allow you to define the different business processes within your organisation. For example, the process for onboarding a new client or dealing with a complaint.

Process Types consist of Process Steps that are configured within them. Each process step is typically a task or group of tasks carried out by one individual at one time. For each process step, you can define a number of outcomes and different actions depending on each outcome. 

Task templates are outcome based workflows that are effectively processes that consist of only one step. They are useful to ensure consistency and remove the potential for error. 

To add a process type and its associated steps:

  1. Navigate to Practifi Settings in your user menu.
  2. Click the Process Types tab (represented by  ).
  3. Click the  icon to add a new process type. 
  4. Complete the fields (required fields will appear in red). The process type can be restricted to certain users, clients or services by using the Related To field. 
  5. Save the process. 
  6. Search for the process type you just created and click on it. Click the Basics  icon .
  7. Click the Process Steps  icon  in the left hand nav.
  8. Click the  icon to add a new process step. 
  9. Complete the fields on the Process Step screen (required fields will appear in red). Other useful fields in this screen include Due Date Interval, Estimated Effort and Suppress at Launch (used to hide subsequent steps until the first step in a process is completed). 
  10. Click Save.

To add an outcome: 

  1. Navigate to Practifi Settings in your user menu. 
  2. Click the Categories tab (represented by  ).
  3. Filter for Outcome and Active. 
  4. Click the  icon to add a new Outcome. 
  5. Mandatory fields will be highlighted in red.

Note: We recommend making outcomes for every process regardless of whether they are the same. To identify the different process outcomes, use a unique naming convention).

To add an outcome and action from a process step: 

  1. From the process step, select an outcome that you have created. From that outcome, select an action to complete when the outcome is selected or closed. 
  2. Save.

To edit a process type:

  1. Navigate to Practifi Settings in your user menu. 
  2. Click the Process Types tab (represented by  ).
  3. Click the pencil  icon. 
  4. Edit the fields (required fields will appear in red) to update the process steps, outcomes and actions. 
  5. Click Save.

Note: To delete a process step, outcome or action, use the checkbox to the left of an item and click the menu arrow within the Mass Update Selected Rows button to Flag Selected Rows for Deletion. Remember to click Save.  

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