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These instructions refer to the first form of integration with Addepar, which used an API Key and a ViewID.  The newest and preferred integration uses a new Query API, and support for OAuth 2.0.  Please refer to Enabling the Addepar Integration for instruction on the new integration method.  

Integration summary

Our integration with Addepar allows you to keep your Practifi Assets & Holdings in sync with Addepar's Accounts & Holdings. From the Addepar Portfolio page on the client record in Practifi, you can link that client with an Addepar Entity. This synchronises the two records as shown in the table below:





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🠜 Daily


Enabling the integration

1. Contact Practifi and Addepar

Contact your Practifi Customer Success Manager and Addepar's Support team to let them know that you are planning to integrate the two systems. Addepar's Support team will provide you with a Firm ID, which you will need to enable the integration in Practifi.

2. Enter credentials
  • Once both parties have said you're ready to integrate, in Addepar, select Firm Settings from the User menu in the top-right corner.
  • Select API Access Key from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click on the + icon in the top-right corner of the API Key table to create a new key.
  • Give the key a useful description, then click Submit.
  • Copy the API Key and API Secret from the pop-up window and keep them somewhere safe; you'll need them later on. Click Done once you have.
  • In Practifi, click your avatar in the top-right corner to view the Settings menu and select Salesforce Setup.
  • In the Quick Find/Search bar, search for and click on Named Credentials.
  • Click New Named Credential.
  • Complete the New Credential form as per the screenshot below:
3. Configure settings
  • In Addepar, navigate to a Client record, then select either PractiFI Integration - Entity Detail or PractiFI Integration - Entity List from the drop-down menu.
  • Copy the part of the URL in bold and keep it somewhere safe: https://your-addepar-url.addepar.com/app/tools/portfolio/entity/123/view/123. This is the View ID for that view, which you'll need later on. Repeat the process for the other view.
  • In Salesforce Setup, go to the Quick Find/Search bar, search for and click on Custom Settings.
  • Click Manage next to Addepar Integration Settings.
  • Click Edit. Complete the fields as per the screenshot below, then click Save:
4. Enable menu items
  • From Practifi, go to the User menu in the top-right corner and select Settings
  • Select the Menu Items page.
  • To enable the Addepar Portfolio page on the Client record:

    • Select the Sidebar subtab
    • Select Client from the Context drop-down menu
    • Select Inactive from the Status drop-down menu
    • Click the Edit icon next to the menu item with the 'ASBADDPORTF' code
    • Tick the Active checkbox, then Save the menu item.
  • To disable the default Portfolio page on the Client record:
    • Select Active from the Status drop-down menu
    • Click the Edit icon next to the menu item with the 'SBCLIASSETIABASSTLIBLTY' code
    • Untick the Active checkbox, then Save the menu item.


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