Using the Egnyte Integration



Our Egnyte integration allows you to manage client files and folders stored within the Egnyte document server from within your Practifi organization. 

Please note: This functionality will not be available in your organization if the integration has not been enabled. For information on enabling the integration, please consult our Enabling the Egnyte Integration article.

Integration Summary

Our integration with Egnyte allows you to seamlessly manage client files and folders from within Practifi, and store them in the Egnyte document server. Folders are automatically created for each client record, meaning you can view, upload, download, launch editing and delete files without leaving the application.

Using the Integration

Client documents can be added, and viewed, from Egnyte. Once the integration is enabled, the Egnyte document panel is found as a new button on the Client's record.


To view a Client's files:

  1. Navigate to the Client whose files you wish to view.
  2. Click the Egnyte button on the left-hand navigation menu, and the Client's Egnyte folder will appear on the page to the right. If no folder existed previously, Egnyte will automatically create one and categorize it.
  3. The Egnyte window allows you to:
    • Upload, download, share and delete files (if permitted)
    • Manage folder permissions
    • Drag & drop files to upload them
  4. Permissions for Egnyte files are managed from within Egnyte itself, and not by Practifi or Salesforce. This means you'll need to configure Egnyte permissions to mirror those found in Salesforce, and also that files can be shared with non-Salesforce users (for more information on configuring Egnyte permissions, click here, a link to the Egnyte Community FAQ site).






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