Using the Box Integration



The integration between Practifi and Box allows users to share files seamlessly without changing the interface or logging out of Practifi. With this integration, users can share files with external users.

Please note: This functionality will not be available in your organization if the integration has not been enabled. For information on enabling the integration, please consult our Enabling the Box Integration article.

Using the Integration 

Accessing the Box Integration

To access the Box integration within Practifi, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the App Launcher located in the upper left-hand corner of Practifi. 
  2. In the Search apps and items... search bar to search for "Box".
  3. Select Box from the drop-down menu of Apps search results. 
  4. Upon selection, the system will take you to the Box Home Page, where you can open Box folders and drag and drop the files in the folders.


Uploading a File

  1. Once within the Box app integration, select the folder you would like to add the file to.
  2. Drag and drop the file from your computer into the folder within the Box app integration.
  3. When a file is dropped into a Box folder, an uploading progress bar is shown to alert you of where the file is in the upload process. When the upload is complete, a success message will display on your screen.


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