Using the Schwab (OpenView Gateway) App Integration



The Schwab OpenView Gateway app allows users to open and track Schwab accounts from within Practifi. This article outlines how to access these features from your Practifi organization. 

Please note: This functionality will not be available in your organization if the integration has not been enabled. 

Accessing the Application

To access the Schwab app from within Practifi, complete the following steps: 

  1. Log into your Practifi instance using your Practifi credentials.
  2. Within Practifi, select the App Launcher from the upper left-hand side of the Practifi Home page.
  3. In the App Launcher menu, search for OpenView Gateway.
  4. From the results, select OpenView Gateway to open the OpenView Gateway app.

Schwab OpenView Gateway Functionality

There are several buttons on the Schwab OpenView Gateway home page. These buttons can be selected to achieve specific functions within the OpenView Gateway app, for example, clearing a synchronization log or opening a download report. This article highlights the functionality of the following buttons:

  • Digital Account Open 
  • Track Digital Account Open Status


Using the Digital Account Open Feature

To open a new Schwab account from within Practifi, do the following:

    1. Select the Digital Account Open button to open a new account. A request form opens in a new tab.

    2. From the request form, search for the name of the client whose digital account you want to open, then click Search.
      Please note: When entering a name, all households matching that name will be displayed in the search results. Be sure to select the correct household in this field.

    3. From the Select column, click the option button for the desired household. The contacts associated with the selected household are populated below.
    4. Select the contact for whom you want to open the account. The contact's information appears in the Selected Contacts area.
    5. At the bottom of the screen, click Review and Submit Account Open Request. A prefilled form is generated with the client's details.

    6. Confirm the details in the form, then click Submit Digital Account Open Request. A confirmation message opens.

Tracking the Status of Digital Account Openings

To track the status of a digital account opening from the Schwab OpenView Gateway app, select the Track Digital Account Open Status button.


Upon selection of this button, you will be redirected to the Schwab Advisor Center to track the status of digital account openings.

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