Using the Xero Integration - SPA


Practifi's Xero integration allows you to easily create a client in Xero and access paid invoices within a client record in Practifi. You must have a Xero subscription to use this integration.

Note: Your Practifi System Administrator will need to enable this integration before you can use it. 

To create a client in Xero from within Practifi:

  1. Navigate to a client (household). 
  2. Click on the Create in Xero button in the header. 
  3. This will automatically create this client in Xero.  
  4. To view the client in Xero, click the View in Xero button in the header.

To see a client's (paid) Xero invoices in Practifi:

  1. Navigate to the service against which the instalment that requires editing is linked. 
  2. Click on the  icon to view Services. 
  3. Click on the Instalments sub tab - You will see a list of instalments, including any paid Xero invoices.
  4. Click on an instalment to view the details and the amount. 
  5. Click the link. The invoice will open directly in Xero, in a new tab in the browser.


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