Updating the Constant Contact Integration - SPA



**Note: This content is intended for system administrators and is technical in nature. Please discuss your integration installation plans with your Practifi Customer Support Team for their assistance.*


Updating the Application

Navigate to https://v3.developer.constantcontact.com/ and log on with the primary user account.

  1. In Constant Contact, select the My Applications menu option.
  2. Click the Copy button next to the Outdated Application and then click Close.
  3. Click on the Application Name, which is now listed under Valid Applications
  4. Copy the API Key (“Key”), as this will be used in the following step.mceclip0.png
  5. Click on Generate Secret, then click Generate Secret again. Copy this Secret (“Secret”) for the next step.
    Please note: The following panel is the only time the Secret will be visible. If this is closed before copying, a new Secret has to be created for the application. Be sure to copy the Secret before closing this window.


Update the Auth. Provider

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup under the user’s avatar/picture icon in the top right

  2. Use the Quick Find search bar to search for and select Auth. Providers.
  3. Click the Edit button next to the Contestant Contact Auth. Provider. The names might vary. 
  4. Update the following details on the Auth Provider panel, as follows:
    • Consumer Key - Enter the "Key" from above
    • Consumer Secret - Enter the "Secret" from above
    • Authorize Endpoint URL: https://authz.constantcontact.com/oauth2/default/v1/authorize
    • Token Endpoint URL: https://authz.constantcontact.com/oauth2/default/v1/token
  5. Select Save to finalize the updates. After selecting Save, additional details for the Auth Provider will be shown. 
  6. Copy the Callback URL string.mceclip2.png
  7. Head to Constant Contact and add this callback URL by using the Add another redirect URL link, or update the Redirect URL now that the Auth Provider has been set up.mceclip3.png
  8.  Select Save to return to the list of Applications. The unique ID of the Practifi connection will be shown.

Edit the Named Credential

  1. In Salesforce Setup, use the Quick Find search bar to search for and select Named Credentials.
  2. Click Edit next to the Constant Contact Named Credential. The names might vary. 
  3. Update the Scope to include offline_access:

  4. Click Save.

  5. As the user is likely to be logged on to Constant Contact at this time (setting up the Application) the authentication will take place immediately. Otherwise, a Constant Contact user will be asked to log on to Constant Contact first to establish the authentication.
  6. Select Allow to grant Practifi access to Constant Contact.

Deactivate the Old Application

  1. Navigate back to https://v3.developer.constantcontact.com/ and log on with the primary user account.
  2. Click Deactivate next to the old application listed under Outdated Applications
  3. Check the box and click Permanently Deactivate


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