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These instructions refer to the first integration with Addepar.  The newest and preferred integration continues importing the same Asset and Holding data, and in addition shows Annualized fee revenue from the portfolios.   Please refer to Using the Addepar Integration for further details.  

Integration summary

Our integration with Addepar allows you to keep your Practifi Assets & Holdings in sync with Addepar's Accounts & Holdings. From the Addepar Portfolio page on the client record in Practifi, you can link that client with an Addepar Entity. This synchronises the two records as shown in the table below:





🠜 Daily



🠜 Daily


Using the integration

Viewing Assets & Holdings
  • Assets are found on the Addepar Portfolio tab on the Client record.
  • Click an Asset Name to be taken to the relevant page, which includes a list of Holdings.
Linking Addepar Clients to Practifi
  • In Addepar, navigate to the Client record you wish to link to Practifi.
  • Copy the part of the URL in bold and keep it somewhere safe: This is the Client ID, which you'll need later on.
  • In Practifi, navigate to the Client record and select the Addepar Portfolio tab from the left-hand navigation menu. Select the Linked Service subtab.
  • Click Edit. Enter the Client ID you previously noted in the Addepar ID field then click Save. This will trigger an initial record synchronisation, after which the Assets & Holdings for this Client will be updated nightly.
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