Using the SMS Magic Integration - SPA


Note: Your Practifi System Administrator will need to install and configure this integration before you can use it. 

Practifi's integration with SMS Magic allows you to send an ad hoc SMS directly to a client from the Interactions tab. For example, you may like to invite a longstanding client to a VIP seminar. Note: The client must have a mobile number on record, using the country code format (i.e. 61 4XX XXX XXX).

To send an ad hoc SMS:

  1. Navigate to a client.
  2. Click the Interactions icon  in the vertical nav.
  3. Click the  inside the Log a Call button. 
  4. Select  Add Interaction:
    • Method: SMS.
    • Subject: This doesn’t matter for the SMS but may help with your own referencing.
    • Details: Enter the text for the SMS and this is exactly what will be sent to the client.  


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