Using the Riva Cloud Integration - SPA


Note: Your Practifi System Administrator will need to install and enable this integration before you can use it. 

The Riva Cloud integration allows you to synchronise emails and calendar appointments with Practifi Interactions.

Synchronising an email:

  1. In your email client, drag the desired email into the 'Practifi' subfolder in your email inbox.
  2. When the sync has finished, it will be marked 'Complete'. (This can take up to 15 minutes). 

Synchronising a calendar appointment:

Calendar sync will happen automatically if configured to do so in your organisation's Riva account. In this case, any meetings that are added to your calendar will be automatically synced with Practifi interactions (it will detect the client's email address and match it accordingly). 

To view emails and calendar meetings for a client:

  1. Navigate to a client.
  2. Click the Interactions icon  in the vertical nav.
  3. Use the Method Filter to view Email or Meeting to view synced records.
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