Outlook Calendar Integration - SPA


Integration Overview

With the Practifi for Outlook Calendar integration, you’ll be able to effortlessly connect your calendar events with Practifi. The setup is simple, with steps outlined below. 

Note: You will need the Outlook Salesforce Email Integration setup

Steps to get setup


  1. While in your Desktop Outlook Email view, navigate to your Outlook Calendar view. One easy way you can do this is by clicking on the calendar icon in the bottom left hand corner.



2. While in your Outlook Calendar view, select a meeting that you’d like to sync with your Practifi records. Expand the event details by clicking on the arrows in the top right-hand corner of the event preview.


3. Once the event has been expanded, you’ll then see the familiar Salesforce Icon in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar. Click “View”. If you’re already logged in, a panel will appear that gives you the option to Log Event. If the related records are accurate, click “Log Event”.

Note: You won’t be able to log events from Outlook if the contact in the calendar event is not recognized in your Practifi instance.



4. Once you click “Log Event” you’ll be able to choose whether to log the interaction on either the Client or Person record. Remember to click Save at the bottom of the panel to save your work.

Once saved, the interaction will be recorded on the chosen record and the event will be displayed in your Practifi calendar.



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