Cinsault Minor Release - October 2022



The following article covers what’s new in our Cinsault minor release to clarify what’s changed or what bugs have been resolved since our Cinsault major release as of October 2022. If you’re new to Practifi or our release documentation, please review our best practices for 📚 Using Practifi Release Notes


Included Changes

As of October 2022, teams will experience the following changes to their Practifi instance:

  • Expanded DataSetTypes for Quik! integration: Additional data type options to support the New Account Opening workflow in the Quik! integration were added, including:
    • Funding Method
    • Investment Objective
    • Liquid Net Worth
    • Liquidity Needs
    • Net Worth
    • Purpose of Account
    • Registration Type
    • Risk Tolerance
    • Source Asset
    • Source of Funds
    • Time Horizon
    • Bank Name
    • Routing Number
    • Transfer Amount
    • Category
    • Objective Values
  • New setting for the Addepar integration to include Top Level Holding account: Where there are multiple accounts for the same account holder, this setting will import an aggregate of the underlying holding accounts instead of importing each holding account separately. If the Top Level Holding is blank and this setting is checked, then the holding account will be used.

  • Addepar Performance field: Fixed an issue with the Addepar integration that was showing an error for "Performance Last 12 Months: value outside of valid range on numeric field".
  • Orion Sync errors: Resolved issues with the AssetLiability Trigger errors that were preventing assets from being updated/created.

  • Add Individual to new Household/Organization: Updated the sync behavior when adding an Individual to a new Household/Organization to ensure all data is retained.

  • New Visible setting on task templates: New setting to control whether a task template will display when selecting New Task (from Template).

  • New Order field in Process Task setup: The order in which tasks display under a Process can now be defined.

  • Enhanced error message: Error message now displays for the scenario where there are no task templates available.

  • New Contact Details for Individuals: Email and Phone fields on an Individual can now be displayed in the Contact Details section.

  • New display setting for Relationships: New multi-select setting field called Display In in a Relationship Type in the Settings app allows administrators to define whether a relationship record should display in the Key Records section - Members card or the Contact details section, or both.

  • Last Annual Review Date: Fixed an issue where Last Client Annual Review Date was being modified to the time of the FullRollupScheduler job on running. The lookup rollup was inactive, but it appeared to run anyway.

  • Promoting a Prospect with a Service to Client: Resolved an issue where users were unable to promote a prospect to a client if the prospect had an underlying Service record.

  • Sharing Scope not propagating to Service records: Resolved an issue where Sharing Scope was enabled for Entities but not propagating to records with a Division assigned. The service trigger wasn't updating sharing scope on Financials (Asset and Liabilities) and Service & Pipeline (Services and Deals).

  • Deliverable Last Fulfilment Date: Last Fulfilment Date was not updating consistently with the date of the most recent Fulfilment logged on the Deliverable.

  • Editing a Task created from a Task template generates an error: Fixed an error "Non Selective query against large object" that generated on editing a Task created through a Task template.

  • Extended Clients who plan to retire this year tile criteria: The criteria for the Clients who plan to retire this year tile was extended to include Contacts who are part of Households and Organizations.

  • Process Start Date and Stage Entry Date: Fixed an issue with the Start Date and Stage Entry Date fields on Process records that were not populating automatically at the time of creation/stage changes.

  • Deep Delete of Campaign - Attributed revenues: Attributed revenues on campaigns created on an entity were not being deleted when a user performed a deep delete of the entity.

  • Campaign - Attributed revenues: Attributed revenues were not being created on Spouse as expected but were being created on deceased contacts and for older existing campaigns instead of the current one.

  • Display issue on Change Owner popup: Fixed minor display issue where there was no spacing between borders and content.

  • Notes not saving on Events: Resolved an issue where users were unable to save notes on recurring events created in the past.

  • Display issue with Today's task list: Resolved an issue where the drop-down display for Today's Tasks list views on the Agenda tab was grayed out and cut off.

  • Typo in chart component: The Advisor - Pipeline - Open Deals by Close Month and Type chart had a space missing which prevented viewing by the owner.

  • Typo on Birthdays in the next 30 days tile: Spelling error fixed on Upcoming Birthday column on the Home page.
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